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At Ikshvaku Seeds & Organic Farming, we are passionate about organic farming and dedicated to promoting sustainable agriculture. With a deep-rooted commitment to nature's balance, we cultivate premium quality produce, free from harmful chemicals, ensuring wholesome and nutritious harvests. Join us on our journey towards a healthier, greener future, where the land thrives, and the community flourishes.

About us

Sustainable Agriculture

Our commitment to sustainable agriculture drives us to implement eco-friendly practices that preserve the environment and enrich the soil, ensuring long-term prosperity for both nature and communities.

Chemical-Free Farming

: Embracing a chemical-free approach, we prioritize natural methods to cultivate crops, delivering fresh and safe produce while safeguarding the health of our consumers and the planet.

Wholesome Harvests

Through meticulous care and organic farming techniques, we bring forth wholesome harvests bursting with natural flavors and essential nutrients, nourishing both body and soul.

Community Engagement

We actively engage with local communities, fostering a sense of togetherness and sharing knowledge, to build a resilient network that supports sustainable agriculture and responsible food choices.

Our Products

As you explore our offerings, you'll discover fresh and flavorful produce, meticulously nurtured without any harmful chemicals, allowing the natural flavors to shine through. Our dedication to premium quality is evident in every harvest, as we carefully source and deliver our products, empowering local farmers and promoting fair trade. Embracing the rhythms of the seasons, our ever-changing range reflects the beauty of nature's cycle, bringing you a delightful array of wholesome and seasonal delights throughout the year.

Wheat Research (IWR1050)

nnovative Wheat Research (IWR1050) variety developed through extensive research, offering high productivity and adaptability to diverse growing conditions.

Bajra Hybrid (IB7777)

High-yielding Bajra Hybrid (IB7777) known for its robustness and superior grain quality.

Bajra Hybrid (IB1111)

Exceptional Bajra Hybrid (IB1111) renowned for its resilience and excellent crop yield even in challenging conditions.

Paddy Hybrid (IP3333)

Superior Paddy Hybrid (IP3333) offering excellent grain quality and remarkable resistance to diseases.

Paddy Hybrid (IP9999)

High-yield Paddy Hybrid (IP9999) with exceptional taste and texture, perfect for various culinary purposes.

Mustard Hybrid (IM5050)

Mustard Hybrid (IM5050) known for its high oil content and strong disease resistance, ensuring a bountiful harvest.

Moong (IMR1070):

Nutrient-rich Moong (IMR1070) variety with excellent taste, texture, and high protein content, making it a popular choice among farmers.

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